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Gift for Business


Gift cards made simple and effortless for everyone.

From "Happy birthday" to "Thank you," customers love to give gift cards. And people love to get them. With Clover® Gift Cards, you can launch your own mobile gift card program in minutes.The Ultimate Mobile Gift Card Solution

Tap into the market with Gyft – mobile gift cards made easy.

Simple and Cost- effective Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses Easy to setup on the Clover Station

Gyft Cloud offers merchants a mobile gift card platform to easily sell gift cards and issue store credit straight from your register to your customers' phones.

Merchants will be able to sell mobile gift cards, accept mobile gift cards from customer's phones as payments, issue store credit to a mobile gift card and check balances of mobile gift cards.

Boost sales.

Bring new faces into your business. Even better, offering gift cards to customers may drive them to spend more than the value of the original gift card in your store.

Engage customers.

Make it easy for customers to get and redeem cards right on their phones. Plus, when it's this easy to gift and redeem, it'll drive loyalty and foot traffic.Reduce fraud.Replace paper certificates with gift cards and decrease the chances of cards being counterfeit, lost or stolen.

Stand out.

Help your business outshine other local merchants and compete with big-box stores when you offer gift cards.

Key Components

Branded gift cards that eliminate the need for paper certificates

Ability to track balances, create promotions and issue store credit

Integration with your system so you can manage the entire program from one place*

* Requires eligible point-of-sale equipment

Is there a trial basis for Gyft?

Yes, Merchants can try it free for 30 days

What is the pricing?

2% of total gift card sales per month, per location, with a minimum fee of $20 per month per location. There are no additional transaction fees or swipe fees.

Does the app enable me to issue plastic gift cards also?

No, currently Merchants cannot issue plastic gift cards with Gyft Cloud. We are exploring this as a future enhancement.

How is the mobile gift card sent to the recipient?

Merchants may send a mobile gift card via email or text message.

When a customer is sending a mobile gift card to another recipient, can they set a future delivery date?

Yes! The customer can choose to send the mobile gift card for immediate delivery OR choose a future date such as an upcoming holiday or birthday.

How do customers check their gift card balance?

Merchants can check their balance using Clover Station OR they can view the balance directly in the Gyft app.

Do the mobile gift cards have expiration dates and how are they managed within Gyft Cloud?

No, the mobile gift cards do not have expiration dates.

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