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How Restaurant Order Number & Kitchen Display Systems Work


How Does a Kitchen Display System Work?

Using a restaurant kitchen order system allows your staff to receive food orders from the POS in real-time. You can even send orders to various screens placed on different prep stations. KDS is becoming increasingly popular in the restaurant industry and is one of the cheaper solutions with easier implementation.

10 Benefits of Using a Restaurant Kitchen Order System

It may sound like a simple enough task, but an automated restaurant ordering system offers myriads of benefits for your restaurants and kitchen.

1. Restaurant Order Systems Ensures Order Accuracy

Your KDS also works as your order number display system and helps eliminate the chances of human error. Once your customer enters an order into the system using a self-ordering kiosk, the POS sends the order directly to your restaurant order display system for the chefs to prepare food.

Integration of this solution takes away the need for a cashier, an intermediary, which eliminates the room for human error when taking an order. A customer can modify the order based on their dietary preferences. In simpler terms, the restaurant kitchen order system improves your order-taking accuracy resulting in better customer experience and low wastage or order cancellation costs.

2. Order Number Displays Help Track Fulfillment Times

Once your KDS receives the order, the restaurant order display system automatically tracks its preparation and estimated time to cook. You can run an individual analysis of each food prep station by looking at their respective display screens.

This allows your back-of-house staff to monitor as well as understand the overall performance and pain points to address. An order number display system can help optimize your processes and overall workflow.

3. Streamlining your Food Preparation and Cooking

On a busy night at your restaurant, you can pace up the order preparation by screen analysis. Instead of orders piling up in the pipeline, you can look at the screen at each station and assign food orders as per priority. Looking at the information on the restaurant kitchen order system, you will be able to predict the estimated time for each dish/order.

Your KDS will also be able to track your inventory levels and update them in real-time as you receive an order. The system is also smart enough to notify your staff about any stock or ingredient reaching a critically low level.

This integrated preparation workflow keeps staff on track with the task at hand instead of becoming overwhelmed, and it helps avoid any stock shortages.

4. Increasing Your Restaurant's Overall Efficiency

Installing a kitchen display system will help organize incoming orders more efficiently. The system sorts out orders as per their status, importance, and urgency to ensure quicker prep time for maximum efficiency. The system will also notify your staff of which orders to complete first.

A good restaurant kitchen order system will always be well lit and brightly colored. This will ensure that your employees can clearly keep track of your orders and work on them collectively. KDS Screens by GRUBBRR come with highly optimized and easy-to-read displays. Using a GRUBBRR KDS will enable your employees to only focus on 3 to 4 urgent orders at any given time. This will help safeguard your staff from being overwhelmed, discouraged, and distracted by order tickets piling up.

KDS also offers time analytic capabilities to increase work efficiencies, thanks to its ability to monitor the time duration it will take for your chef to complete the order. This will allow you valuable insight into the entire food prep process and identify the step taking the most time and try to fix it.

The system also automatically sets timed goals for order completion. These concrete goals ensure that your employees work at a consistent pace to provide a pleasant dining experience to all your customers.

5. Streamlining Your Front and Back-of-House Operations

Kitchen display system software will help you organize internal communication between front-of-house and back-of-house domains, making sure that you do not miss any orders. This is a feature that a traditional order ticket system lacks because it produces paper tickets that you can lose, misinterpret, or even damage.

However, the color-coded and brightly lit displays help your system avoid making any mistakes. Your staff can coordinate as soon as the customer places an order instead of waiting for an employee to bring in the order manually.

Your employee will also be able to change the order status from received or in progress to complete, keeping everyone in the loop on their urgent tasks. The order number display system will also notify your FOH staff when the order is ready to go out. This will ensure that your customers/diners receive piping hot fresh food straight out from the kitchen.

6. Restaurant Kitchen Order System Helps Reduce Paper Waste

Did you know that the restaurant industry generates over 1.5 billion pounds of paper waste every year? Using a kitchen display system contributes to waste reduction and reduces your carbon footprint. Using a KDS will also help you save money as you go paper-free. You can even boost your business as a green or eco-friendly establishment.

7. Enabling Integration of Online Ordering

You can integrate your online food ordering via a website or a food delivery app. The system will display orders by the preference of their pickup and delivery time.

KDS can also pause your incoming online orders when your kitchen is extremely busy. This will take the extra burden off and allow your team to get back on track, ensuring a convenient and pleasant experience for all customers, whether ordering in-person or home.

8. Valuable Data means Valuable Insight

You can integrate data collection and time analytics with your menu. This data will help you understand your restaurant's strong suits and weed out any errors and low-performing items. The restaurant's kitchen display system will give insight into any gaps in timing or workflow efficiency and also identify areas of improvement in your menu, stock ordering, and pace.

9. Eliminating Your Wastage Cost

The restaurant industry produces over 11.4 million tons of food waste every year. With more accurate orders and a streamlined workflow that ensures hot food and timely service, KDS reduces food wastage significantly.

10. Improved Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every restaurant owner. KDS will help boost your order processing efficiency, which in turn improves your table turnover rate.

Improved Customer Experience Customer Satisfaction is the ultimate goal of every restaurant owner. KDS will help boost your order processing efficiency, which in turn improves your table turnover rate. This will guarantee a comfortable and relaxing dining experience for customers and a transparent food preparation process for employees. 

Source: grubbrr

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