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How to Buy the right Health Marketplace Health Insurance

If this is your first time shopping for health insurance plans, you're not alone. Many Americans are first-time healthcare buyers and look to Health Marketplace for their healthcare needs. But you'll need more than a recognizable name to choose the best Healthcare option. Here's a few tips to help you understand what's available, so you can confidently choose the right Health Insurance plan.

Learn About Your Options

When deciding on a healthcare plan, most buyers select plans on price only. Although affordability is important, you want to choose a plan that covers your actual health insurance needs. Some questions you might ask yourself are "how many times you plan to see the doctor this year?" or "does this plan cover my medication costs?" Make sure to understand your options and ask as many questions as possible when speaking to a licensed health insurance agent.

Shop Around + Compare Pricing

You wouldn't make a significant purchase without shopping around. Well, buying health insurance shouldn't be any different. It's recommended to get at least 2-3 other health care quotes before deciding on a health plan. Make sure to consider how much coverage you need and what you can afford monthly.

Choose the Right Network

"Does my Doctor accept this insurance?" Different policies have different network options. A broad network is known as PPO plans, while narrow networks are classified as HMO plans. Before choosing your preferred network, ask yourself "do you want the ability to keep your current doctor?" If so, you want to choose a PPO Healthcare plan. If you don't plan on seeing a specific physician, be mindful that your network is broad enough and offers a variety of provider options. 

Stay Informed

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