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FD-150 Terminal + RP-10 PinPad


The FD-150 and RP-10 make for a powerful combination. Together, you can accept EMV payments with tips, right at the point of sale. Simply enter the transaction amount on the terminal, and the customer will be prompted to enter the tip. Then, they can "dip" their chip-card or swipe their credit card, all through the RP-10 device, completing the sale. Here are the features:

  • Fully EMV capable – take EMV cards through the terminal or the PinPad.
  • WiFi capable, Internal Ethernet (IP) connection, and a dial-up phone line
  • Chip+Signature and Chip+PIN available today
  • NFC and Apple Pay capable. Let people pay with their iPhone or any other smartphone with NFC technology, directly through the customer-facing PinPad.
  • Accept tips directly through the customer-facing PinPad. The customer will be able to discreetly enter their tip without your input, so that you don't have to manually adjust your sales for tips every evening.
  • The RP-10 has a customer-facing PinPad for taking PIN debit sales.

Powerful performance in a simple solution.

Compact design
Requires minimal counter space and equipped with three USB ports.

Fast downloads
Uses IP, dial-up, or Wi-Fi to connect to the network.

Merchant friendly
Offers one-touch feature for daily functions.

Secured transactions
Accepts EMV chip cards or NFC payments.

More payment options
Processes debit, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), and checks.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
Allows international customers to pay in their own currency.

 How is the FD150 terminal different from the FD130?

The FD150 has the following improvements over the FD130 terminal:

  • Faster, more advanced processor
  • Double the memory
  • PCI-PED version 5.x approved compared to 3.x

Can the FD150 support multi-merchant processing?

Yes. This enables several business owners to process payments for more than one merchant account using a single terminal.

Can the FD150 support Apple PayTM and Samsung Pay?

Yes. It can accept NFC payments like Apple PayTM, Samsung Pay, and other popular mobile wallets or contactless cards.

Can the FD150 accept EBT?

Yes. The FD150 accepts electronic benefits transfer (EBT) transactions.

Can I accept PIN debit on the FD150?

Yes, the customer can enter their PIN on the FD150 itself or via the RP10 PIN Pad, when attached.

Do I need the RP10 PIN pad to operate the FD150?

No. You can use the FD150 terminal independently and run credit and debit transactions without a PIN pad.

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