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INTRODUCING 0.05% Credit Card Processing

  • Low processing fees
  • 0.04¢ Transaction Fees 
  • Next day funding
  • Offline payments
Retailers use Clovers
Devices In Service
The POS system that helps keep your high‑volume counter running smoothly.


We look for every opportunity to help our customers get more value from every transaction. Everything you need to run your business smarter, faster & easier.

Easier payments

Accepting any type of payments is a snap—from in-person swipe, chip, and tap, to online payments.

Happier customers

Offer the best possible customer experience while building loyalty at your place of business and online.

Tighter tracking

Whether you sell coffee or memberships, all purchases are more secure and trackable.

More flexibility

Manage your business and make a sale from anywhere with our dashboard, mobile app, and virtual terminal.

Take payments on the go

  • Take card payments in person and save: Pair the Go app with the credit card reader for your phone and accept swipe, dip, or contactless payments that have lower fees.
  • Easy for everyone to use: The Clover Go app is easy to download and intuitive to use so you can start processing sales right away.
  • Works with iOS and Android: The app works on all the major operating systems so, no matter what type of phone you use, Clover Go works for you. Learn more

Use Clover’s online payment system with our small business eCommerce partner

Clover and our eCommerce platform partner, BigCommerce, help you reach more customers through your own website, as well as through public marketplaces such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
If you're not online, you're missing out. Let Clover give you a great looking online store that connects your business to the world. Learn more

Clover Features

  • Large, versatile display

    high-definition makes your work fast and easy, from inventory and employee management to payments and reporting.

  • Speed, power, reliability

    Clover Station packs plenty of processing power to help you run your business faster: update inventory, manage your staff, take orders, and pull reports. Now with an even faster CPU and more RAM.

  • Custom orders done right

    Create custom orders quickly and accurately. Adjust a menu item, add or remove optional ingredients and modifiers, and automatically update the order total.

  • Multi-layered security

    Station gives you fingerprint login for enhanced employee security and end-to-end encryption of every transaction to help protect your data—yours as well as your customers’.

  • Stay on top of your numbers

    Monitor your sales, refunds, and best-selling items from any computer or mobile device.

  • Fully-featured payments

    Tax, discounts, loyalty rewards and gift cards are just a tap away.

  • Get to know your biggest fans

    Collect and manage customer contact info and marketing preferences, so you can engage with them on their terms.


Clover Software Edition

  • Payments Plus ($4.95/month): Track your sales anytime, anywhere on your computer or your mobile phone.
  • Register Lite ($9.95/month): Run your business with a simple, integrated POS. Streamlines payments, inventory, and employee and customer management.
  • Register ($39.95/month): Full-featured POS with enhanced inventory and order management, plus all the right apps to customize the experience for your business.

Reward your customers with love—and points

Your loyal fans make your business hum. Clover Rewards lets you create a unique loyalty program that gives customers three ways to earn special perks. Setup’s easy, and it comes free with your Clover system.

  1. Customize your offers: Tailor your reward program to fit your business. Create multiple perks to reach even more customers.
  2. Sign them up: Customers can enroll right at the counter or from the Clover mobile app. And every receipt is a gentle reminder to sign up.
  3. Award points automatically: Customers earn points based on the purchase amount or qualifying inventory items, which helps ensure only authorized points are applied.
  4. Redeem rewards from the register: Customers are notified that they’ve earned a reward and can redeem it at checkout. You can also add perks directly to their order. Learn more

Drive customer loyalty with Clover Gift Cards

Want to attract more foot traffic? And retain existing customers? And enjoy a full spectrum of gift card tools, from custom branding to managing card inventory? With Clover Gift Cards, you can do all that.

A tale of two gift cards

Digital gift cards

Make buying and redeeming gift cards a breeze for your customers. Go digital. Digital gift cards work on any smart mobile device.

Physical gift cards

Choose from over 70 design templates or upload your own custom-branded gift cards. Order in just minutes. Learn more

Engaged customers mean more business

  • More spending: Customers engaged with loyalty programs purchase 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per transaction, and are 5x more likely to choose a brand in the future.*
  • Higher CLV (Customer Lifetime Value): A 5% uptick in customer loyalty can boost profits as much as 95%.* * With Clover to help boost loyalty, merchants report a higher customer lifetime value (CLV).
  • More repeat business: Acquiring new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining the ones you have.
  • Higher customer return rates: On average, merchants find 11-20% of first-time customers never return. And, the likelihood they do return drops 50-75% every 30 days. Clover merchants see a customer return rate of 1.5x more than merchants not using Clover. Learn more

Private conversations. Better feedback.

More customers are turning to 3rd-party reviews and social media. With Clover’s customer feedback system, you can engage your clientele for direct feedback and address any not-so-great experiences before they show up online.

Let’s start the conversation

  1. Fire up Feedback: Add an automatic customer code to your receipts, and a message inviting them to share their input.

  2. Let the customer speak: Your customers can use their unique code on the Clover mobile app to send you private feedback, either via SMS or directly in the app.

  3. Get notified: We’ll email you when someone leaves you feedback.

  4. Tell them you’re listening: You can reply right away, so your customers know you value their opinion. Learn more

Drive more traffic and repeat business

Reach out to customers and keep them coming back with digital offers, real-time promos, and in-store coupons. Promos is simple to use and comes free with your Clover POS.

Keep them coming back

  1. Build your audience: Add to your audience list by running promotions for recent purchasers.
  2. Create a custom offer: Decide what promo you want to offer, to whom, and when.
  3. Ship it! Send your promotion to your customer list via email, text, and the Clover mobile app.

Get to know your customers

The secret to a great customer relationship is knowing the customer. Get to know your customers even better with Clover Customers. Clover helps you build a customer data platform automatically from credit card sales. It’s simple, and comes free with your Clover system.

Let’s build a village

  1. Create your list: When customers use a credit card and request a digital receipt, their contact information is added to your list.
  2. Enable opt-in: It’s easy to get your customers’ permission to reach out to them: all they have to do is tap “follow” on their digital receipts.
  3. Stay in the know: Update customer information anytime from your Clover POS. Add notes, birthdays, or food allergies.
  4. White glove treatment for your VIPs: Shower your VIPs with extra love: create just-for-you promotions, and let them earn more bonus points, faster.

Clover works with software you're already using, and more.

Clover is an open platform and provides integration with accounting packages like QuickBooks for seamless bookkeeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

FREE terminal for new customer
We're currently providing FD-150 terminal to new customer with $0 cost.
The FD-150 and RP-10 make for a powerful combination. Together, you can accept EMV payments with tips, right at the point of sale.  Read More

OVVI, The all‑in‑one system to help your RESTAURANT thrive

A Fast, Reliable, and Integration-Ready Point of Sale System that was Built for Restaurants

Ovvi's intuitive menu design allows for an easy ordering process, faster checkouts and comes with multiple split check capabilities.

Ovvi easily helps you manage tickets, order history, refunds, and returns.

Grab up to the minute ticket management reporting to also allow for table side and self orders. The Ovvi platform works seamlessly for every order type.

Manage and maintain fully customized menu items with modifiers, choice items, combo meals, recipe management, ingredient tracking along with multiple pricing and tax options.

Ovvi thinks like a restaurant. It allows you to intuitively track all the details that make up the products you sell. You can always keep your ingredients perfectly stocked, and manage every ingredient that makes each dish a work of art. Our one touch purchase order solution enables you to reorder items with ease from multiple vendors.

Business Enhancing Solutions


Enhance or start your loyalty and rewards programs with Ovvi's Gift Card & Loyalty Module.

With Ovvi loyalty, turn every guest into a regular. Link customer profiles to built-in loyalty rewards bonus point module. Easily earn rewards points with every purchase. Redeem rewards toward future purchases or free items.

With gift cards, the profit is yours once the card has been purchased. Since gift cards carry rolling balances, the remaining cash remains on the card when a customer partially redeems the gift. This can encourage gift card recipients to become repeat customers for your business.

Whether you have a single store or multi store operations, our gift card platform works seamless in activating, loading and redeeming value across multiple stores.

With Gift Card Solutions from Ovvi, You Can:

  • Realize an immediate increase in profits
  • Create and encourage add-on sales opportunities
  • Broaden your existing customer base
  • Increase brand recognition and your professional image with custom designs


Streamline your Online, To•Go business, increase sales and build customer loyalty with smarter food ordering software.

Building customer retention and providing customers with the flexibility to access online ordering is essential in today's environment.

Ovvi has an online ordering platform integrated into our POS to help make online ordering seamless for your customers. Business owners get access to a unique URL and can customize their website to their liking. Orders can take place through mobile apps, a website, or a website integration to Ovvi's POS allowing you to keep the revenue flowing.


Ovvi integrates directly with leading online delivery systems and services to sync order activity across their app and into your kitchen.

Maximize efficiency and counterspace via a single command center queuing your order-to-delivery pipeline.

You've seen the chaos before: a tablet (or three) on every surface and multiple kitchen printers each doing its own thing. With Ovvi, you're in control of the customer experience — and it is always from one simple command center. With Ovvi's unified ecosystem, orders come into our software and then get routed to kitchen printers with one easy layout.

Insights and Analytic reports can showcase data sets like: total customers to total online sales across different delivery apps to gross profits.

100+ Integrations


Save time while streamlining your operations by integrating your Accounting and Payroll with Ovvi POS.

Ovvi is fully integrated with 10+ Accounting software's which includes

QuickBooks | Sage | Xero | Tally Power of Simplicity Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System

All sales, stock, inventory and product data automatically synchronizes at the end of day or in real time. This saves you time while improving accuracy in the back end of your business operations.

Ovvi is also connected with 10+ payroll processing companies like

ADP | PAYCHEX | Gusto | Zenefits

Our direct payroll integration features a clock in/out function that not only logs the exact hours of each staff member works, but also calculates their gross amounts and tips.

If you are looking for better solutions to grow your businesses, we would love to offers solutions that will reduce your time working in the business and lowering your expenses.
♦ Rates as Low as .05% on Wholesale Authorization
♦ Transaction Fee as Low as .04 Cents 
♦ 24/7 Direct & Fast Customer Service

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